We Have a Dream - 2015

Screen_Shot_2015-01-01_at_2.43.24_AM.pngThirty years ago, a few brave Singhs and Kaurs stood before the might of the 3rd largest army in the world and in defense of our beloved Darbar Sahib said – “let them come.”  Their stand came as a great beacon of inspiration to millions of Sikhs throughout the world who stood as witnesses to this injustice. 

While three decades has past, the Sikh still yearns for justice.  While guns have been placed in holsters, the weapon of the mind is our real tool.  On the eve of 2015, we stand with the great challenge that laid before our foremothers and forefathers of the Singh and Bhujangan (Kaur) Sabhas of the early 20th century. How do we transform our nation through a commitment to justice, seva, and new forms of social mobilization?

It would be fatal for us to overlook the urgency of the moment. Two-thousand fourteen was not an end, but a beginning. 

We are the devotees of justice (niyao) with huge dreams.

  • Screen_Shot_2015-01-01_at_2.59.58_AM.pngWe have a dream that justice for Parminder Shergill and others that are victim to the horrors of excessive police violence can be achieved through standing along and among all marginalized communities.
  • We have a dream that the United States follows its own laws and make sure that all migrants that seek freedom from repression, like the El Paso 37, are given due process.
  • We have a dream of a community organizer in every city, just as we doubled our staff in 2014, to help connect Sikh youth with Sikhi, their dreams, and potentials.
  • We have a dream to create Sikh community youth centers, like our first in Fresno, that connects not only with our elite and privileged youth, but helps open opportunities for connection, education, and learning from those from working class and blue-collar families.
  • We have a dream of serving far more than the 980 meals as part of our Sacha Sauda Sharing with the Houseless in 2015.
  • We have a dream of reaching out to far more than the 2200 Sikh children that participated in the 26 Jakara Junior Camps; 250 college Sikh students that participated at our 2 Lalkaar Conferences in Sacramento and in New Jersey (now a 3rd is coming to Chicago in 2015!); over 300 participants of our Sikholars Graduate Student and Professionals Conferences at Stanford and Princeton Universities in 2015.
  • We have a dream of expanding our Bhujangan Girls Leadership Retreat beyond the 50 high school girl participants and our Bhujangi Boys Youth Academy to far more than 30 high school boy participants in 2015.
  • We have a dream to begin hiring outside of California and expand throughout the United States in 2015.
  • photo_(16).JPGWe have a dream with the Sangat’s blessing to expand beyond the 100+ events, 3000+ participants, 500+ volunteers in 2014 to something even more amazing in 2015.
  • We have a dream that we can stand not just for Sikh identity, but for Sikh values – to stand not merely nationally or virtually, but every bit locally in YOUR community - to stand for justice (niyao), to stand for community (sangat), to stand for inclusivity and love (simran), and to stand for service (seva).

We have a dream today!

This is our hope, and this is the faith that we send this message to you in 2015 and beyond.  Do you stand with our dream? If so, please share your generosity today – www.jakara.org/donate

Donations can be made one-time or on a monthly basis directly on our website. Please keep in mind all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

What is your dream? Let’s make it come true together – www.jakara.org/volunteer

Today we can do amazing things; today we can dream; tomorrow we can build.  Together, we are the movement.




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