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The Jakara Movement is made of a large number of sevadars throughout the United States.  A number of our key staff have been honored for their work through a number of organizations, including UCLA's prestigious Chancellor's Service Award and two members have earned SALDEF's Youth Leadership Award.  These and the vast majority of unnamed volunteers are committed in seva for the Sikh community. 


Naindeep Singh - Executive Director


Formed and raised in the Central Valley, Naindeep's commitment and passion to social, racial, and class justice has helped shape his view of the world.  Educated at UCLA and Johns Hopkins University, he has received numerous awards for his academic, scholarly, and research interests.  He was one of the founders of the Jakara Movement, as well as numerous community initiatives including a popular Sikh progressive blog, The Langar Hall.  If you’d like to get in touch with Naindeep, feel free to reach him at deep@jakara.org.

Kamaljit Kaur - Director of Development

kamal.jpg Kamaljit Kaur was born and raised in Fresno.  She attended Central East High School and graduated with Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Fresno State.  She first got involved with Jakara by facilitating Jakara Juniors in 2008 and has been a volunteer ever since.  She officially started her role with Jakara Movement in September of 2016, before that she was on the Fresno Misl Council leading many events and activities in the region.  She is passionate about the youth she works with and for, ensuring their success and pushing them to their greatness.  She is passionate about women's issues in empowering the young women she works with to pursue their goals.  Kamal is a lover of classical Punjabi music, traveling, and is a wannabe food/coffee snob.  If you're interested in getting a good cup of coffee or a meal with her, get in touch with Kamaljit at kamaljit@jakara.org.

Simranjit Singh - Paaras Youth Center Director, Fresno

palvSimranjit is a Fresno local, who grew up in a small town nearby called Kerman. His involvement with Jakara began very early when he was a sophomore in high school. He attended some Jakara Juniors camps and took a liking to Jakara, eventually he became more and more involved and now wishes to help Jakara expand and inspire the next generation. Sim enjoys spending time with his friends and family, working on the family farm, golfing, having a good laugh, but most importantly he finds no greater joy than helping others. Currently Sim is pursuing a bachelors in Mathematics, hoping to one day become an educator. His goal in life is to help his community thrive. Get in touch with Sim at sim@jakara.org.

Harjit Singh - Director of Personnel


Harjit was raised in Yuba City. He has seen the annual Nagar Kirtan grow from ten thousand to a gathering of over 100,000 Sikhs. Growing up in this environment, Harjit knew the Sikh community was big but didn’t know his place in it. While studying astrophysics and geophysics at UC Berkeley, Harjit began to get involved in Jakara Movement.
He engaged in Sikhi-inspired social justice work through Jakara and SSA and he took part in a congressional internship in Washington D.C. through SALDEF. These experiences led Harjit to teach high school physics in Brooklyn, New York. There, he learned the power of youth work and youth organizing so he decided to move back to Yuba City to help his home community. Get in touch with Harjit at harjit@jakara.org.


Jaspreet Kaur - Northern Central Valley Community Organizer

Jaspreet Kaur was born and raised in the 209 and takes great pride her hometown, Ceres. She left home for the first time to obtain her B.S in Health Sciences from CSU East Bay. As her passion for heath grew, she went on and earned her Masters of Public Health from San Jose State University. Despite her growing love for the Bay Area, there was really no place like home. Jaspreet moved back to Ceres after finishing her studies and is now mobilizing the Sikh Punjabi community in her region through a public health lens. Jaspreet loves trying new food and being around nature. In order to strive, she needs her daily doses of coffee and working out. If you’d like a daily positive affirmation, get in touch with Jaspreet at jaspreet@jakara.org

Ragini Kaur - Greater Bay Area Community Organizer 

Ragini was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and moved to the Bay Area at the age of twelve. Music and Keertan was an integral part of her life which shaped her identity as an artist and a Sikh woman. Through music, Ragini was able to learn about her roots and heritage, and grew to cherish her Sikh identity. Ragini has always been involved in the local East Bay community and participated in many Sikh youth-led events. Ragini attended San Francisco State to pursue film production, and loves to share stories through visual arts. She currently continues her passion as a musician, a photographer, and a cinematographer. She deeply cares about the growth of the Sikh community and hopes to empower the upcoming generations. Get in touch with Ragini at ragini@jakara.org.

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