Bhujangan LA Recap

It is so refreshing to be a part of something that really focused is on young Sikh girls. I had the privilege of being part of the committee for Bhujangan Los Angeles for the last couple of years, and after completing our second retreat in southern california, I am left beyond impressed and inspired by these amazing young ladies. 

Sisterhood. Power. Agency. Sikhi. These were all things that we saw blossom in the attendees and counselors throughout the 4 day retreat hosted in the Los Angeles Mountains. 

los_angeles.jpgOne of my favorite parts was one of such natural simplicity. We had a day of summer rain, and had the girls outside (covered under an awning, we wouldn't want them to get sick!). Everyone was enjoying the beautiful weather, and I was especially happy about the rain that I decided to prance outside on the deck and whirl around enjoying the kudrath around me. The girls all noticed, and shouted out-- "Look! Didi is like the song bird in the shabad thirsty for rain!" 

The counselors outside all were beaming, they had been listening and comprehending during their gurbani workshops! 

Feeling something that felt so simple, rain, led us to an amazing bonding moment as an entire group. At that moment every girl, counselor or attendee, clearly felt connected to each other and the words of the guru we had been relating too. They were able to start 'hearing' the gurus shabad as they truly wanted, instead of being unknowingly voiced in a male voice. Feeling the feminine in the gurus bani was clearly something different and empowering for these young girls. Who could have thought that we could hear our guru in different voices and tones as we want to! 

The entire weekend was truly an experience focused on connecting to one another as well of the divine inside us. This was the model of sisterhood we were able to present, as one of strength, courage and love which we take from our guru. For some this meant reconnecting to existing relationships, and for others it meant forging new bonds. 

I cannot express enough through words how much these young ladies were thirsty for knowledge and the love they got this past weekend. It just tells me that we need to continue to do more to focus on developing the strong voice of the empowered Sikh women we are! 

In contemplation and chardi kala, 


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