The following positions are currently available. Please click on the link below which will direct you to and the full description for the position. Please do not apply for 'closed positions' - we leave those available for viewing just to give those interested in seeking a career a way to see what sorts of requirements and experiences go into the making of a candidate for those positions.

Fresno Civic Engagement Internship (opened February 2020) - OPEN

Director of Personnel (opened December 2019) - CLOSED

Director of Development (opened December 2019) - CLOSED

Bakersfield Civic Engagement Manager (opened October 2019) - CLOSED

209 Civic Engagement Manager (opened October 2019) - CLOSED

Sacramento Community Organizer (opened June 2019) - CLOSED

However, we want to note that we are ALWAYS seeking applications for exceptional candidates. If you are interested in working with the Jakara Movement - send your resume and cover letter to the with subject "Seeking Position" and share why you'd like to work with us and in which community.

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