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Sikh History Day 2021-2022


Sikh History Day (SHD) is a program that seeks to ignite a spark among students that will push them to research and educate themselves on Sikh topics. We have an extremely rich history that is begging young scholars to dive head-first into it. What we do is take the general National History Day competition and incentivize young Sikhs to study their own history and enter the competition.

Sikh History Day Competition 2021-2022

Our Sikh History Day Competitions will take place in the following regions: 209 Region, Bakersfield, Bay, Fresno, and Sacramento. The winners of these will move onto the our Sikh History Day State Finals. The competition will be held using all the requirements and specifications for the National History Day Competition. Thus, our students will be able to enter their already made projects into their county and state National History Day Competitions.

Last Year's Sikh History Day:

Communication in History: The Key to Understanding

We had 12 amazing projects submitted! Thank you to all of our young Sikh-olars for participating in our virtual, statewide competition and sharing your knowledge with us.

Exhibit Competition

Paper Competition

Documentary Competition 



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