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Bhujangi 2019 will be held in the Yosemite National Forest from July 12-20, 2019.  
The cost for the 9-day camp is $300 and includes all room/board and activities.  The camp will be completely full this year and will be limited to only 45 participants.  Register early, because after all beds are filled we will not be able to make any exceptions to increase capacity.
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Please Note: The role of committee members is to help plan and promote Bhujangi. The role of counselors is to be present during the week of Bhujangi. Counselors will lead activities and workshops.

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Background Information
  • The Bhujangi Youth Academy (BYA) is a Jakara Movement initiative that was started in 2011 by a handful of Jakara sevadars/sevadarnis to address the growing concern of violence in our community. The goal is to create a forum for young Sikh high school boys to reflect, learn, and become inspired by Sikhi and a new Sangat.  The staff includes confident young Singhs/Kaurs who come from different backgrounds - from doctoral students to doctors, from social workers to outdoorsmen - who were born here in the US and can connect and empathize with a variety of youth experiences.
  • The Bhujangi Youth Academy aims to not only introduce Sikh culture through Gurbani, Tarikh (history), Philosophy and Rehat but also provides a safe place for kids to learn basic skills needed in the real world, from tying a tie, making a budget, cooking dinner, cleaning, etc. Much of this we take for granted - but are important in the education of young men.
  • Bhujangi Youth Academy staff is made up of young professionals, who aim to create a place of belonging for all in our community.  High school is a critical period in a young man's life.  Those who lack a proper Sangat and Guru-inspired mentors can sometimes fall astray.  Bhujangi Youth Academy brings discipline together with fun, brotherhood, and passion.  
  • Upon graduating from the Bhujangi Youth Academy, BYA alums return to their home communities and continue their engagement in the Jakara Movement's community chapters (misls). Their, they begin volunteering and a local sangat keeps them connected with with positive peer role models and great volunteer (seva) opportunities. Through this they recognize their self-worth and have a nurturing environment to build strong, healthy, confident young men.
  • While sometimes parents, siblings, and friends need to give that extra "push" to get the young Bhujangis to initially attend, we make sure they have an experience to remember.



If you have any questions about Bhujangi, please contact:
Sim 559-779-4916 or
Harjit 916-905-3312

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