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    Harjit Singh - Welcome Message

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Many of us have a strong desire to help others. Some choose to become doctors or nurses and care for patients. Some choose to become farmers and grow food for us. Some choose to become engineers and make life easier for people. Some choose to become truck or taxi drivers and provide transportation for goods and people. Some choose to become lawyers and advise those in need.
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    5 Reasons to Give Today

    Sangat. This simple word defines the Jakara Movement. From our committed supporters like you, to our volunteers, staff, and donors, every person involved with Jakara plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission of developing the next generation of Sikh leaders and building community power. As 2017 comes to an end, we want to reflect on the transformational things we accomplish together. Allow us to continue doing even greater work in 2018 by making a donation today.  5 Reasons to Donate Today I wanted to continue sharing with you about our work because it's complex and there are many programs and ways in which we engage with the community.  1. We believe in developing our youth. From Jakara Juniors kids camps to Nishaan (our high school conference) and Lalkaar (our collegiate conference), there is a need to prioritize our youth and connect with them at an early age. The Jakara Movement is a place where they can connect through different avenues. This year we connected with over 1,000 Sikh youth through our programs. 2. We believe in bridging the gap in resources. From Sikhiya college application assistance to voting materials in Punjabi, there is a need for the Punjabi community to have access to the same resources others do. The Jakara Movement works to ensure we are providing necessary resources for our community. This year we provided over 60 high school students help with their college applications, lobbied to get Punjabi as a language on the US Census, and are working to get voting materials in Punjabi as well.  3. We believe in safe and inclusive spaces. From the Sikh Honors & Service Society to conferences, there is a need to have spaces where all feel welcome. The Jakara Movement prioritizes inclusive environments at all programs and events. This year we fostered one-day and multi-day programs to allow for Sikhs to have a place where they can continue their Sikh journey, regardless of where they are on that path.   4. We believe in having critical conversations. From Kaur Voices to workshops/discussions on sensitive topics such as domestic violence, alcoholism, drugs, mental health, and so much more, there is a need to prioritize conversations that are critical to our well-being. The Jakara Movement ensures we engage in the conversations that are often silenced. This year we created platforms for crucial conversations to be discussed and not silenced.  5. We believe in community power. From organizing petitions to rallies & working with elected officials, there is a need to build power. The Jakara Movement is prioritizing community power to ensure sustainability and progress. This year we made great leaps for our community - having a Sikh voice at a DACA Rally, lobbying for Punjabi resources, and being engaged with public education textbook reform, we have had a Sikh presence where it is needed.  This work has only been sustainable because of your support. Now, it's my turn to ask you: will you support the work being done in the Sikh community? Whether it's $50, $100, $500 or $1,000, your donation directly goes back to your community. Will you donate today & help us continue the work we are doing? I hope you understand the crucial community work we are able to do with your support. It's quite simple, you just have to go to www.jakara.org/donate and make a donation today or reply to this email and I'll happily send you our mailing address. I know together we can reach greater heights. SHARE YOUR GENEROSITY We are thankful that you support Jakara. As we near the end of the year, please help us maintain our ability to provide programming that is essential for our community. Your donation of any size leverages collaboration and creativity across the areas we work in, and makes a dynamic impact through youth leadership, education, and community building. Through your support, you demonstrate the true meaning of sangat (community). Together, we accomplish more. Together, we are the movement.  So whether your family uses the Gregorian or Nanakshahi calendar, wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! If you have any questions, comments, criticisms, or even encouragements - please feel free to email/call me anytime at 916-750-5287 Thank you for reading about your community. Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to hearing from you.In Chardi Kala (eternal optimism), Palvinder KaurDirector of Development & Programs 916-750-5287palvinder@jakara.org Share your time and volunteer.Express your generosity and donate to your movement.Follow us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFollow us on InstagramFollow us on Snapchat - @jakaramovementStay up to date through our BlogCheck out our pics on Flickr
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