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A Reflection on 2022 Sikh Californian Elections and Beyond

December 30, 2022

The Jakara Movement has served the Sikh community since 2000, and in 2022 we saw some wonderful reminders of this journey. We wanted to share with you a reflection on the 2022 elections and the way that the Jakara Movement continues to inspire a...

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Jashdeep Singh - Welcome Message

October 27, 2022

Waheguru Ji Ka KhalsaWaheguru Ji Ke Fateh Raised in the city of Tracy, CA, I bore witness to a changing demographic over my lifetime that saw an influx of Sikh Punjabis settling throughout the Valley. Although this was exciting for a kid like me who...

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Harveen Kaur- Welcome Message

October 23, 2020

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh At the age of 12, I was asked by a dear family friend, "Harveen, what is your purpose in life?" I was baffled and perplexed at the question of my existence; I had never pondered upon...

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