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    Jaspreet Kaur - Welcome Message

    Waheguru Ji Ka KhalsaWaheguru Ji Ke Fateh Dear Sadh Sangat Ji from the 209 and Beyond, I became involved with Jakara Movement nearly three years ago in hopes of becoming more involved with my sangat. This community building organization has not only educated me more on Sikhi, but also helped shape me as a leader in a number of ways. I truly admire the wide scope of work Jakara Movement does for the Panth, spearheading any challenges being faced while perpetually inspiring youth to reach their full potential in life. I am humbled to be given the role as the 209 Community Organizer. I was born and raised in the 209 and take great pride in my hometown, Ceres. I pursued higher education in the bay area, and am happy to have moved back home a couple months ago. With my newfound knowledge and experiences, it is now my turn to give back to the community that raised me. My Public Health background enables me to recognize various disparities our sangat faces daily. I envision a place where we resiliently all work together to move upstream and reduce the adversities.  Let’s create a healthy space for conversation. Together, we will work together to build begampura and strengthen our quam. In eternal optimism (Chardikala),  Jaspreet KaurYour 209 Community Organizer   Founded in 2000, the Jakara Movement began as a collegiate conference but has evolved into an institution for the recruitment and training of volunteers and a hub for the Sikh youth. With a focus on the interstices of education, health, gender, and social justice, the Jakara Movement inclusively engages large sections of the Sikh youth in various projects to strengthen their identity and consciousness as Sikhs, foster education through service-learning, and inspire activism and volunteerism within the greater Qaum.
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    Harjit Singh - Welcome Message

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Many of us have a strong desire to help others. Some choose to become doctors or nurses and care for patients. Some choose to become farmers and grow food for us. Some choose to become engineers and make life easier for people. Some choose to become truck or taxi drivers and provide transportation for goods and people. Some choose to become lawyers and advise those in need.
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