Dhol 101 in Misl Fresno

A love for dhol is one, which I believe to be dormant within every Punjabi. The dhin’s na’s and thik’s paint a picture of a simpler time full of phulkari’s, chadars, and handlebar mustaches.   Read more

February 2015 Events at Paaras Sikh Youth Center

We have an exciting array of things happening at the Paaras Youth Center.  Nearly every weekend, we have thought-provoking programs for you and and the entire family.  Join us and enrich your family, enrich your community, and enrich yourself! Bhagat Puran Singh Movie Night 7-9pm on 2/20/15 for Movie Night – Before you see Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe (or after!), bring the family for a discussion and documentary on the true life of Bhagat Puran Singh of Pingalwara - join us Friday evening.  We'll bring the popcorn and soda/water.  You bring your excitement and ideas.  RSVP here for more details and hope you'll join us! Read more

Council Meeting on April 5th, 2013

Meeting notes from the April 5th Council Meeting are attached. Keep your eyes, ears, and Facebooks open for upcoming events! Want more info on meetings?  Contact the Fresno council at: fresno@jakara.org. Read more

Council Meeting 3/22/13

Meeting notes from the March 22nd Council Meeting are posted below! Keep your eyes, ears, and Facebooks open for upcoming events! Want more info on meetings?  Contact the Fresno council at: fresno@jakara.org. Read more

Jakara Juniors Kerman

Spring Jakara Juniors Camps have started and these camps are one of the main projects that keep the Movement moving. These camps allow us to reach to the kids in ways that we weren’t reached. The Spring Camps’ theme this year is Vaisakhi a topic that is often touched but never thoroughly explained. The day of the camp is always something that is bittersweet, bitter because it only lasts for one day and sweet because you realize how much you actually touched upon for these little kids. The agenda for the day varies based on the content, but there are usually 3 workshops before lunch, a PowerPoint presentation after lunch, and then another workshop before closing Ardaas.  The first camp of the season was this past weekend in Kerman, California.   Read more

Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from Misl Fresno's Council Meeting on March 15th are below.  Thank you to all those that attended the Kerman Camp, we will be posting pictures soon! Want more info on meetings?  Contact the Fresno council at: fresno@jakara.org. Read more

Standing Up: A first time protester's experience

WaheguruJi Ki KhalsaWaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Immigration is a matter that affects Punjabi families deeply, yet we as a community don’t want to step out of our comfort zone and protest against these hideous laws and lawmakers. When I first heard about this protest from a Misl Fresno sevadar, I knew I wanted to go and see what it was like, even if it was for a few minutes. I don’t personally know much about the immigration debate, but I do know that in our community there are many families that do suffer because of our current immigration laws. The protest was being held by the Fresno Immigrant Youth in Action, a group of young and undocumented activists from all over Fresno County. They were all set up in front of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. This being the first protest I have been to, I didn’t know exactly what to expect and was a bit nervous. But I can say it was a really good experience and I will definitely be coming again. I got to learn so much in the little time I was there. Everyone was so friendly and informative. I learned that the building behind us was the facility where the families are brought after they are picked up by ICE agents. Once inside they are questioned about their citizenship status, and then are held in that building where they have jail like cells and later deported back to their homeland. The rally was to protest against the laws that separate families by deporting immigrant parents of young children born in the United States. This results in these children being alone and fending for themselves. The ramifications of these laws are not limited to Latino families, who were the majority of the protesters, but also to our very own community. Read more

First Regional Meeting

After a long break, Misl Fresno volunteers came back together to talk about new events for the year and also introduce some new things for the Misl. Seeing new faces at the meetings is always something to look forward to, at this particular meeting we had about 5 new volunteers! Our first kids’ camp is this weekend in Kerman so volunteers were asked if they would like to moderate and the preparation for the camp is now underway. Also, Bachittar Singh talked about Ensaaf’s 5K Walk and received very positive feedback from our volunteers who were willing to either virtually or physically walk in remembrance of a victim. Ramnit Kaur talked about the upcoming health fair in May, and several other events were discussed.  This included our upcoming Jakara Juniors Camp at Kerman Gurdwara.  If you would like to help out at the camp please contact us.  The volunteers were excited for another great year!   

Council Meeting Minutes

As promised in last week's post - meeting minutes from Misl Fresno's Council Meeting on March 8th are below.  Thank you to all those that attended the regional meeting at Dakota Gurdwara.  We will be posting notes from the meeting in the coming days.   Want more info on meetings?  Contact the Fresno council at: fresno@jakara.org. Read more

For the Kids, 2013

Kids Day is something I’ve participated in since middle school, but this year, the vibe was much different. The Sangat was amazing, and the enthusiasm was strong. It felt as if we were feeding off of each other’s energy.   In the past years I used to get tired fast and sit down for some time, but this year, I stayed on my feet the whole time, keeping up with my Sangat.  Read more

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