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Council Meeting on April 5th, 2013

Meeting notes from the April 5th Council Meeting are attached.

Keep your eyes, ears, and Facebooks open for upcoming events!

Want more info on meetings?  Contact the Fresno council at: [email protected].

Call to order 4:13 PM

Members Present: Jovan, Haneet, Sim

Absent: Jassi

Upcoming Events

  • Selma Camp
  • Jassi needs to register on Wednesday
  • Content meetings (?)
  • Powerpoint?
  • Moderators?
  • Kids?
  • Food?
  • Dakota Camp: Kamal is co-leading with Kiren (?)
  • Location: The new Gurudwara
  • Fundraising with sign in sheet

ú  Possibly planting trees after camp (?)

  • March of Dimes
  • Jovan will be getting more information, facebook page to go ASAP
  • NEW EVENT: Gurudwara Clean Up
  • 4/11/13
  • Cherry Gurudwara at 4 PM
  • Create Facebook page, push
  • DEEP CLEANING!!!!!!!!
  • Kabaddi Camp
  • JASSI (?)
  • Selma Nagar Kirtan
  • Council Members will be at booth until Nagar Kirtan takes off
  • Pack up, and then walk with the nagar kirtan
  • Not picking up trash, have designated people to do that
  • Teaming Trius Trucking

ú  Gurjit making flyers

  • What will our set up look like
  • Flyering for Lalkaar, Bhujangi, etc.


  • Clean Up Day:
  • April 16th
  • All Day
  • Need:
  • Boxes
  • Labels
  • Sign in sheet of what you’re taking
  • Name, time, date, purpose of visit

Meeting adjourned: 4:34 PM

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