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Dhol 101 in Misl Fresno

A love for dhol is one, which I believe to be dormant within every Punjabi. The dhin’s na’s and thik’s paint a picture of a simpler time full of phulkari’s, chadars, and handlebar mustaches.


I don’t think of myself as being a great dholi, but I choose to teach dhol because I have a passion for helping people find their passion. 


Teaching dhol is like teaching a universal language that only other musicians can really understand. I have played dhol with a trumpet, a guitar, a tumbi, and even bagpipes. From my experiences, I have leaned that all you need to communicate with an instrument, is to know how to stay on tempo.


If anyone is interested in learning how to play dhol, or maybe you just want to bring an instrument of your choosing and just jam out, feel free to send me an email and I would love to explore your passion with you.


Iqbal Singh

Paaras Youth Center, Director

[email protected]

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  • Rita Olsson
    commented 2023-12-19 23:26:58 -0800
    Ah, the rhythmic beats of the dhol resonate with Punjabi heritage, evoking memories of vibrant phulkari’s and handlebar mustaches. This cultural connection is timeless. Speaking of timeless, discover a world of gaming possibilities with the versatile toolkit at Unleash your creativity and dive into the dynamic realm of games!