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Jakara Juniors Kerman

Spring Jakara Juniors Camps have started and these camps are one of the main projects that keep the Movement moving. These camps allow us to reach to the kids in ways that we weren’t reached. The Spring Camps’ theme this year is Vaisakhi a topic that is often touched but never thoroughly explained. The day of the camp is always something that is bittersweet, bitter because it only lasts for one day and sweet because you realize how much you actually touched upon for these little kids. The agenda for the day varies based on the content, but there are usually 3 workshops before lunch, a PowerPoint presentation after lunch, and then another workshop before closing Ardaas.  The first camp of the season was this past weekend in Kerman, California.  

kerman_camp.jpgIt was 8 AM as we headed to the Gurudwara; we were shocked to see two very excited boys waiting for us (the phone calls do work). Usually, these camps are for the kids, but every once in a while, as a Sevadaar, you walk away with something as well. At this particular camp, I stepped out of my comfort zone of always moderating younger kids and took on the oldest kids with the help of my co-moderator. It was his first camp, but together, I think we both did a great job with our kids. My highlight of my time with my group was probably when I told them that this camp was not going to be like the camps before this where the moderator reads and teaches them, but this time around, they would be teaching us and the workshops will all be an open discussion. This engaged the kids so well that they asked and answered each other’s questions throughout the course of the day. After the PowerPoint presentation we came outside for the “Incorporating Seva” workshop, I told my group to come up with one Seva project they would like to see Misl Fresno put on, and the consensus was “Reading to little kids.” I promised them that I would discuss this with my council at our next meeting, on March 22nd.

The day was coming to an end, and it was time for the closing Ardaas. After some closing remarks in the Darbaar, we all assembled under the Nishan Sahib. After the Ardaas, moderators said goodbye to their kids and soon enough, everything was cleaned up and everyone was ready to head home. The content this year was by far, the best content I have ever taught. It was simple enough for the little kids to understand and also complex enough for the older kids to question. The power point presentation really tied everything together and put it all into perspective for both age groups. These camps are designed to educate and engage the kids in certain topics through workshops and presentations, and as moderators or volunteers, we usually walk away with something as well, whether it has to do with the content or logistics. We all grow in one way or another.

Much love, Haneet Kaur.

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