Hiring Bakersfield Intern 2016

Jakara MovementCommunity Organizer InternBakersfield, CA Purpose:The Jakara Movement seeks motivated applicants for the Community Organizer Internship. The internship will begin in March/April 2016 and continue through June 2016. The application is rolling and all applicants will be considered, until the position is filled.  The internship is paid and will take an average of 4-6 hours per week. The internship is designed to increase engagement, organizing, and youth-capacity building amongst the Punjabi Sikh community in Bakersfield, CA. Read more

Hiring Executive Director

Executive Director Role Profile  Purpose:Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Jakara Movement in addition to the organizations strategic vision.  Duties include strategic planning, volunteer and staff leadership, and financial development.  The position supervises a team of professionals responsible for financial, youth, and community development. Read more

Why is Fresno the center of Sikhi in California?

          True, both Los Angeles and the Bay Area are homes to very dense Punjabi, Sikh populations, but what is it about Fresno that makes the people come in the dozens for Sikh based events? While the bhangra revolution of the late 1990’s was taking over big cities with the introduction of Dhol Di Awaz, and Bruin Bhangra, a different revolution was taking place in Fresno.           Whereas traditional Sikh camps consisted of an “elderly” voice in the room, telling students what to do, Jakara introduced a peer learning experience with the introductions of moderators. This approach took the class room experience of traditional conferences away, and implemented a environment similar to that of an informal discussion. Young Sikhs were no longer intimidated to attend conferences Rather, they were intrigued to meet young Sikhs just like them, that may not possess all the answers, but that were willing to struggle through tough discussions with them.   Read more

10 Reasons Why We Made The Jakara Movement Club on College Campuses and Why You Should Join!

The Jakara Movement Club (JMC) have been popping up on college campuses throughout California since Fall. We are still in the beginning phases, but the need to connect college students with our ongoing programming has made the need to extend our campus presence that much stronger. Join us at the building phase and have your voice heard as we build and help us define its scope. Rather than rivaling any campus group, the Jakara Movement seeks to increase college choice, college programming, and connect Sikh students with a wider community beyond campus life. Read more

Know Your Neighbors - Kerman 2016

In December 2015 and January 2016, the Central Valley Sikh community witnessed a hate crime against an elderly Sikh gentleman, soon to be followed by the brutal killing of another at his place of employment.  Whenever the community has faced hardships in the past, the Sikh Gurus shared a 2-prong solution.  Build strength/resolve and share that much more (parupkaar).  So this is what we are doing again here in Fresno. We began the "Meet the Neighbors" initiative back in 2013 and served pizzas to the Southwest Fresno community after the attack on Baba Piara Singh.  We have continued it in Selma in 2014 and in West Fresno in 2015.  This time we will be doing it in Kerman.   Read more

KayRay Tour California 2016 Reflections

As a community organizer, one of my biggest worries when planning an event or activity is whether or not the event will be impactful, relevant, exciting, and needed within the sangat being served at the time. As such, going into the week of screening KayRay's film "Ananke" at various SoCal universities was a daunting task - I was not sure what to expect, how to start the conversation, nor what the outcome was going to be. Read more

Winter Jakara Juniors Camp!

Our Winter Jakara Juniors Camp's theme was Sikhi Da Butta. We had a day full of lessons, activities and connecting. What is unique about Misl MN's Jakara Camps is we try to incorporate the concept of Sewa into each camp. This year we had youth pack bagged lunches. We were able to pack over 200 bag lunches which ended up going to a local food shelf. We love to share the concept of Sewa with the kids and discuss how important it is to realize that they are really blessed and to not always think about themselves. We had a group of very engaged kids and facilitators. One assignment which came out of the camp for the older group was to think of a topic and conduct research on the topic to present a 3-5 minute presentation to the sangat. We are going to have our first presentation around the Harmandir Sahib this Sunday. Stay tuned... Misl MN is always looking for new activities and ideas to incorporate into the camps so please comment below if you have any ideas that have worked well at your misls, etc.   Read more

Turban Tying Day!

Over the summer we hosted yet another Turban Tying Day at the Minnesota State Capitol. The attendance was HUGE! We were able to tie over 300 turbans throughout the day. We plan to continue this tradition into next year and hope to get even more volunteers as well as turbans donated. This year was unique as awards were given. We are proud to say that our booth was awarded the Best Activity and Engagement booth!! Check out some pictures below and share your thoughts on how we can make this event even bigger next year!   Read more

Putting the Pieces Back Together

Following the attack on 68 year old Amrik Singh Bal, the Fresno community held a town hall meeting at our very own Paaras Youth Center to discuss what actions the Sikhs could take to prevent future attacks. The room was filled to the brim with supporters and well wishers from both Sikh and non-Sikh backgrounds.      Read more

Are You Still Using Plastic Water Bottles?

Are you still using plastic water bottles?                                                        A common misconception is that bottled water is healthier for us than tap water. Did you know that tap water is actually more heavily regulated in the United States than bottled water is? The Environmental Protection Agency regulates tap water over 400 times a month; they are mandated under the Clean Water Act to do so. However, privately owned companies like Nestle and PepsiCo, the two corporations that own a majority of the bottled water industry, are not required by the government to meet federal standards. Why do we need to stop? Bottled water consumption in the U.S is through the roof; Americans alone use 50 billion plastic water bottles annually. With a recycling rate of only 23%, this means our nation alone wastes 38 billion water bottles a year. The energy we waste using bottled water would be enough to power 190,000 homes. The amount of petroleum used to manufacture plastic bottles for America for just one year is enough to fuel 1.3 million cars for an entire year, 17 million barrels of oil. Along with the tremendous amount of energy and fossil fuel consumption it takes to produce this many plastic bottles, our planet suffers. The 38 billion bottles of water that do not get recycled each year end up in either a landfill or in our oceans. According to National Geographic News, eight million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans each year, harming all forms of wildlife. Where we spend our money sends a huge message. Let us be mindful of the products we use and where they end up after we are done using them. Invest in a reusable water bottle and avoid using plastic plates, cups, cutlery and straws whenever you can. Anjum Kaur serves on Misl Council for the Bay Area and also studies Environmental Studies at San Jose State University. 

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