Seva in Selma

In 2014 from Tuesday January 7th through Friday January 10th there was an event held at the Selma Gurdwara. What was it? At the Selma Gurdwara we made pizza, went to houses around the Gurdwara and served smiles, flyers and pizzas.  After what had happened at the Cherry St. Gurdwara in 2013, we decided to be pro-active and grassroots in our community.  We delivered pizzas to give thanks to our fellow neighbors and actually welcome them. On Wednesday January 7th we split up into teams and handed out flyers and got to see the neighborhoods we were going to deliver the pizzas to.  It was the first time I got to visit communities that were very different than the one I lived in.  Differences in language, class, and ethnicity were overcome through smiles and hugs. On Thursday the 9th we prepared, baked, and delivered 120 pizzas to the neighborhoods around the Gurdwara. On Friday the 10th we just had an open house so if the neighbors had any questions they wanted to ask they could along with learning more about our religion. The event was about showing, not just telling, that we Punjabi Sikhs are really just nice and loving people. Read more

How I Spent My New Year's Day

When I woke up early in the morning on New Year’s Day I was so happy I would get to see my fellow brothers and sisters from Jakara but I was even happier knowing that I would be reaching out to the less fortunate.  As a member from another charity group called SEVA, Jakara only gave me a more rich opportunities to feed the homeless.   As I started to help make a big batch of spaghetti I realized how much we were able to bond and come together to make a difference.  As we loaded our cars and headed to a spot behind Loaves and Fishes I saw how many people were left out on the streets to struggle on their own.   Read the entire post here Read more

Winter in Fresno

During these winter days, we hope you spend time with your family cherishing both them, as well as learning about events from our history.  On December 26th, we remember the two chotay sahibzadas - Sahibzadas Zorawar and Fateh Singh.  Standing with their grandmother, Mata Gujri, on the Thanda Burj in that cold winter night, they promised their lives for truth.  In their spirit, let us commit ours to compassion, generosity, and conviction.We hope you will join us as we celebrate them, during the winter days. Read more

Press Statement: Support for Gurbakash Singh

PRESS STATEMENT  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  ContactSukhman Dhamisdhami@ensaaf.org1.800.668.1516 x 101 Sikh American Organizations Stand with Gurbakash Singh on 36th Day of His Hunger Strike; Demand Rule of Law in India December 19, 2013 -- We, the undersigned organizations, are concerned about the plight of Gurbakash Singh, a Sikh activist in Punjab, who is on hunger strike to protest against the treatment of Sikh prisoners detained under counterinsurgency laws in India, who many believe have completed their sentences and are being held beyond their terms. Read more

Hiring - Youth Center Director

Job Opening: Join the Movement as a Youth Center Director The Jakara Movement with the Guru’s Nadir (Grace), seva of our volunteers, and the baksh (benediction) of the Sangat is pleased to announce our third employment position.  We are seeking a full-time Youth Center Director, based in Fresno, CA to provide leadership with the sangat in this new endeavor. Youth Center Director Jakara MovementLocation: Fresno, CA Job Summary: The Jakara Movement is seeking a full-time Youth Center Director to join our team. This is a fast-paced role in a growing organization, seeking to provide direct services within the community.  The Jakara Movement offers a total compensation program focused on competitive benefits, flexibility, and pay. If you are interested in joining our team or advancing within the Jakara Movement, this your opportunity! Please note that the salary range for this position is $31,000-38,000 per year, based on experience and meeting program goals of recruitment.  The candidate will also receive health, vacation, and sick leave benefits. This position seeks a minimum 18-month commitment. Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Youth Center Director is responsible for the overall operation, development, education, and management of the Youth Center and Tutoring Services.  Particular focus in this position will be on supervising all the Center’s operations and fiscal responsibilities. The Youth Center Director will participate in articulating the Center’s goals and philosophy in consultation with the Board of Directors. Read more

Why I Donate

A few days ago I saw a post on the Jakara Movement Facebook page asking “what do you donate to?” This post made me smile-I automatically thought “to you, of course”. But it really made me think where else I donate. Honestly, I rarely give money to the homeless or those asking for money on the street, but I do buy them some food or something to drink. I do give to non-Sikh causes-we're all human right? It wasn’t until now that I really began to think where my donations go so I began to check my bank account & the math.  What I realizedI realized that I don’t give my 10% or dasvaand in money, but I hope some of it is made up by occasionally going out of my way to help others. [insert chuckle] Now, by this I don’t mean doing the typical things I do. The majority of my donations are made to the Jakara Movement, but a portion also to my alma mater, some to my cousins’ school & sports team, a bit to the American Cancer Society and a good chunk to my brother’s college fund (jokes! I’m kidding about this one). Why I Donate Where I DonateI donate to these places because these groups/organizations/people do amazing work, they are making a difference in the lives of people, and they’ve affected the people I know or me in some way. Read the entire post here Read more

Sikholars 2014 - Call for Papers

It's back....  Sikholars 2014 will soon be approaching and in anticipation we have released our "call for papers."  For the past five years, the Jakara Movement has created a forum for graduate students and researchers, working on various projects related to Sikh and Punjab Studies, to come together, share, and challenge one another. Since last year, we have found a home with Stanford University’s Center of South Asia and have formed an engaging partnership. Read more

Misl Minnesota: Seva & Sangat

To connect as a sangat and to reflect on the Oak Creek tragedy Misl MN planned a Gurdwara Clean up event the day before the one year anniversary. We got the Gurdwara board involved and also spread the word through announcements to the sangat. We anticipated a lot of people to get involved but we were surprised at the lack of involvement the day of. Many were either in a hurry to grab langar or go home.  It took a while to get everyone together. Despite this we kept trying, we started grabbing youth, which then would spread the word to other youth. We ended up with a group of 4 which led to 8 which then led to 10. We started by cleaning the windows inside and outside followed by picking up any trash around the Gurdwara. The kids just started coming, asking for what more they can do. We were surprised at this reaction, in the end something hit me. I asked them "how was it?" many replied with "it was hard work." I didn't expect much more, but then they kept talking. One said "even though it was hard, I feel so happy and just good right now." Then was asked "if I do seva everyday would I feel this way all the time?" I was at a loss for words, kids who were as young as 6 years having this reaction was amazing.  After all the hoping and wishing more of the sangat would get involved, I realized that we had impacted these 10 kids in so many ways. Not only were they able to hang out with their friends they were able to do seva and have an great experience.     Ruppa Kaur is Misl Minnesota's Co-Director.  Misl Minnesota also recently held their first Jakara Juniors camp.  

Bhujangan: Aapna Mul Pachhaan

This was my second year volunteering at the Bhujangan Kaur Leadership Camp. Before the retreat started I was both nervous and excited. Nervous about the unknown and excited about all the activities we had planned and the content we were going to present. While reading through the content I thought to myself, “Wow, if only I had known these things as a teenager, life would have been much easier.” I was looking forward to the girls doing these lessons and really learning more about themselves so they can make better and sound decisions. Read more

Bhujangan: What A Leader Means

Hi, my name is Jusneet Kaur Boparai. This was my second year attending the Bhujangan Kaur retreat. Last year we met at Shaver Lake and it was a great experience! I met wonderful girls and team leaders. We did workshops on how Sikh women affected "Sikhi" and how important they are. We did horseback riding and went hiking and got to know the girls and their experiences. Read more

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