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What will I be doing at Bhujangan?


You wake up bright and early and start your day by reciting Japji Sahib, if you don't know Japji Sahib that is okay, many Bhujangan's have attended and didn't know Japji Sahib and Rehraas Sahib. If you do, then we encourage you to recite aloud with us. After Divaan, we serve a delicious breakfast that is prepared by the Bhujangan staff & counselors. We then go into workshops, that consists of but is not limited to Sikh History, Sikh Sheroes of the Past, Gurbani, Identity, Stress Management, Personal Values, Healthy Friendships, Communication, High School Preparation, Setting Goals, College Preparation, Career Choices, Visions of an Ideal Community and Social Justice and Solidarity. Most of the workshops will include all the Bhujangans, but some of the workshops are divided up depending on the Bhujangans' age. For example, if she is graduating or about to graduate high school, then she'll attend the College and Career workshop. If she is just starting high school then she'll attend the High School Preparation workshop. Each day, the Bhujangans will get a chance to write in their journals and have a couple of hours of free time to make friends, nap, or explore. During this time, she has the option to partake in arts and crafts activities or skills-building workshops such as self-defense or wilderness classes. In addition to classes, past activities have included boating, horseback riding, kayaking, painting, and hiking. A more detailed agenda will be posted in the coming weeks.

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