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Bhujangan FAQ

Each year, our Bhujangan Leadership Academy's site is a bit different. Sometimes we share a cabin, and sometimes we're renting a large home. Either way, we're located in the wilderness with Mother Nature. You'll be sharing a room with your Bhujangan sisters. The room can vary from one queen bed to multiple bunk beds; sometimes, you may need to bring a sleeping bag. You will be required to keep your area clean and tidy. 

Each Bhujangan Academy is nestled in a mountainous region, whether it is Stanislaus National Forest, San Luis Obispo, Kings Canyon National Park, or San Bernardino Valley. You will have miles of trails, swimming pools, lakes, and rivers. On occasion, we go kayaking, have bonfires, sing songs, and we do a lot of arts and crafts such as making tie-dye shirts, mindfulness jars, marble painting, and friendship bracelets. If you like staying active we will be having yoga classes, volleyball breaks, and basketball games as well. 

As time nears for us to depart to Bhujangan Leadership Academy, we will send a detailed list of gear you will need. A counselor will also follow up with you to ensure you have everything you need. If you are not able to get everything on the gear list, we will try our best to make sure you do! However, we do recommend packing light as we often don't have much room in the cars that we take up there. 

The counselors come from different backgrounds. On-site, we will have professional teachers, historians, social workers, writers, engineers, nurses, college students, and community organizers. Each volunteer has undergone a competitive interview process and has spent much time preparing for Bhujangan. Many Kaurs apply to volunteer at the Bhujangan Leadership Academy, and we only pick the most professional, responsible, and passionate. These counselors will likely become your role models, your mentors, and your friends.

You wake up bright and early and start your day by reciting Japji Sahib, if you don't know Japji Sahib that is okay, many Bhujangan's have attended and didn't know Japji Sahib and Rehraas Sahib. If you do, then we encourage you to recite aloud with us. After Divaan, we serve a delicious breakfast prepared by the Bhujangan staff & counselors. We then go into workshops that consist of but are not limited to Sikh History, Sikh Sheroes of the Past, Gurbani, Identity, Stress Management, Personal Values, Healthy Friendships, Communication, Self-Image & Building Confidence, Setting Goals, College Preparation, Career Choices, Visions of an Ideal Community and Social Justice and Solidarity. Most of the workshops will include all the Bhujangans, but some are divided depending on the Bhujangans' age. For example, if she is graduating or about to graduate high school, she'll attend the College and Career workshop. If she is starting high school, then she'll attend the High School Preparation workshop. Each day, the Bhujangans can write in their journals and have a couple of hours of free time to make friends, nap, or explore. She can partake in arts and crafts activities or skills-building workshops such as self-defense or wilderness classes during this time. In addition to classes, past activities have included boating, horseback riding, kayaking, painting, and hiking. A more detailed agenda will be posted in the coming weeks.

At Bhujangan, we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and make friends. We found that Kaurs that come without knowing anyone actually make the most friends because they are more willing to talk to new people. Also, the counselors are extremely nice, and as one Bhujangan said, "They aren't counselors, they are like your big sisters." If you don't believe us take a look yourself.