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An Amazing Experience | Sacha Sauda Meal Sharing

Giving back and understanding the homeless was a great opportunity. Working at the 2 gurdwaras, West Sacramento and Pell Drive Gurdwara was amazing. First, by talking to the secetaries and asking for permission was really interesting because we got to know how the process worked. It was also an opportunity for me to explain this event. As I started to make the banner and flyers for the event I wanted it to be something that would catch people's attention. My peers (other volunteers) really helped contribute to the poster. We got pictures from the last event and enlarged them to add to the poster. Also, Gagan (one of the volunteers) used her amazing art skills to design the flyers.

IMG_2838.jpgThe first Sunday we started, the secretary announced the event and lots of people came to our booth. People asked many questions and showed lots of love by donating and by blessing us to go further. I left 2 boxes at the gurdwara so people could donate clothing any day of the week. Also, there was a poster that included info about our event. Every Sunday and Wednesday I would rush to the lobby to check on the donations. It would make my day when we saw all the donations in the boxes. Slowly as the weeks passed we got larger boxes to keep the donations.

Working at the gurdwara was amazing because it helped me to be more open with people. During the event on September 13, 2014 everyone was excited to see what we had accomplished. Thank you to Palvinder and the amazing volunteers who helped contribute to this event and all the Sevadars that helped donate.

Manpreet Kaur is a junior at Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep in Sacramento, CA. She is a member of the Sikh Honor & Service Society and Misl Sacramento. 

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