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Organized Process

IMG_2098_(1).JPGOn February 26th 2015, I volunteered with the Sacramento Food Bank with CLF club members and Misl Sacramento. I personally helped placing two bundles of broccoli in a bag to be distributed to the residents of North Highlands. I observed, it was very organized which makes it easier to pass out vegetables/fruits to people. After getting done with packing broccoli, I helped filling front tables with vegetables/fruits as labeled. Also, I helped people get boxes, who were having  hard time caring their food as there were no grocery carts or baskets as there are in a grocery store. It was a very busy but fun experience. I learned how we can make some changes to do our Sacha Sauda Seva in a more organized way. 

Karanpreet is a junior at NP3 High and an active member of Misl Sacramento.

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