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First Time Volunteering at Jakara Juniors

When it comes to doing Seva, my only experience has come from helping my mom in the kitchen for Langars. Being able to reach out to our youth while helping them understand the events that took place in 1984 was an enlightening experience.

15384050490_bbb435acb8_z.jpgThe day started early where we got the kids T-shirt’s, nametags and gave them an opportunity to wake up with recess. We then split up the kids by age considering the graphic nature of what took place. Gagan, Gurneel and I took a group of older kids and did a quick shabad activity where they had to interpret what the excerpt meant to them. We then read several pages from the publication, Kristallnacht. After lunch and an epic water balloon fight, we had majority of the kids watch a movie on 1984 which was followed by a PowerPoint presentation. The day was filled with so many different emotions from elation to sadness. The most interesting part was to see how the kids felt and responded to specific stories and pictures of 1984. Personally,

I learned and gained so much from this experience and look forward to working with Jakara to start a MISL chapter in the Stockton area. I appreciate all the other counselors for being so welcoming and being there for the kids. We must not forget our youth and help them on their path to righteousness.

Andy Singh is an active member of Misl Sacramento and is helping start Misl Stockton. 

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