Why I Donate

donating.jpgA few days ago I saw a post on the Jakara Movement Facebook page asking “what do you donate to?” This post made me smile-I automatically thought “to you, of course”. But it really made me think where else I donate. Honestly, I rarely give money to the homeless or those asking for money on the street, but I do buy them some food or something to drink. I do give to non-Sikh causes-we're all human right? It wasn’t until now that I really began to think where my donations go so I began to check my bank account & the math. 

What I realized
I realized that I don’t give my 10% or dasvaand in money, but I hope some of it is made up by occasionally going out of my way to help others. [insert chuckle] Now, by this I don’t mean doing the typical things I do. The majority of my donations are made to the Jakara Movement, but a portion also to my alma mater, some to my cousins’ school & sports team, a bit to the American Cancer Society and a good chunk to my brother’s college fund (jokes! I’m kidding about this one).

Why I Donate Where I Donate
I donate to these places because these groups/organizations/people do amazing work, they are making a difference in the lives of people, and they’ve affected the people I know or me in some way.

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Why I wrote this
I’m not writing this to brag about where I donate nor am I writing to feel good about it. I’m writing to get the conversation going, to be able to get others talking about where they donate & what’s important to them, and most importantly to encourage others to donate. You don’t have to donate to the Jakara Movement (though I’d love for you to), just donate to a place/group/organization that means something to you. Many of us know that we can do without that extra cup of coffee, trip to get fro-yo or ice cream, and/or trip to the mall to buy more clothes that you know you didn't need. I’m sure you have 25 or more dollars a month that could be donated.  Believe me, I started donating as a college undergraduate who worked a part time job when I was easily convinced to donate. ([insert chuckle] My freshmen year you could throw any story my way and I would get my wallet ready).  If it’s the commitment you’re worried about, I promise you won’t have to do much besides sign up the first time-there isn’t any extra baggage, no monthly emails, & you’ll even get a heartfelt thank you. Think about it. Check your spending. I’m sure you can become a monthly donor. [Here's the link: jakara.org/donate]

This was a post by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous. 

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  • Balbir Singh
    commented 2013-11-09 14:29:46 -0800
    The receiver organization needs to be either in education of some sort or welfare of Shaheed families…..this is my criteria.

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