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IMG_3159.JPGMy name is Gurmun Singh and I just wanted to reminisce about the college workshop that took place in Sacramento. As junior year is finishing up and AP tests, the SAT and ACT, and applying for colleges are closing in, it becomes a stressful time for us. With this college workshop, I was provided with information that I may have not received until I was in college and having this early exposure truly helps out. This workshop cleared out many of the myths of college and provided me with great knowledge of how college works. Being able to understand how to apply for financial aid and the benefits of applying to scholarships is valuable.

IMG_3169.jpgNot only did this workshop provide us with information on how to apply for colleges, it gave us an early insight into the college life and also how to avoid being pressurized into things that you don’t want to take a part in. Hearing the college experiences from different backgrounds, such as one who went to a UC and stayed at the dorms and one who went to a CSU and stayed at home, gave different views on the college life and each perspective was helpful. One big thing that I took away from this workshop was that the college that I end up at is not the person that I am because college is a place for education. As I advance onto my senior year and start the dreadful process of college applications, I will keep my confidence high and remember the advice that was given at this workshop to do my best.  Thank you to Jakara Movement for putting this workshop up in Misl Sacramento.

Gurmun Singh in a junior at Sheldon High School in Elk Grove. He is a member of Misl Sacramento and has been a part of the Bhujangi Youth Academy. 

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