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UPDATE May 8, 2014

The Jakara Movement organized a Town Hall discussion open to the public on Saturday (April 19, 2014) at 5pm at Lodi Gurdwara (12098 N. West Lane; Lodi, CA 95240).  Nearly 150 members of the community attended and we thank them.  Mark Merin, the civil rights attorney, answered questions by the community.

On May 7, 2014 nearly 20 members of the Jakara Movement stood in solidarity with friends and family of Parminder Shergill at the Lodi City Council meeting.  Members raised their voices and concerns.  We will be continuing efforts to inform the sangat and call for justice, to make sure such incidents do not happen in the future.  

See greater details of updates here.

shergill1.jpgThe Lodi Police's shooting of Parminder Singh Shergill, a Sikh-American army veteran, has raised too many questions about the police usage of lethal force.  The police account has been seriously questioned by neighbors and other eye-witnesses.  Weeks after the shooting, the Lodi Police Department has been slow to release any details of the shooting, while the family and community are demanding answers.

We urge you to sign this petition on behalf of private citizens questioning what may be overzealous police usage of lethal violence against a US war veteran, who was suffering due to his time of service.  We the undersigned are committed to make sure justice is provided for Parminder Singh Shergill, his family, and the community.

To read more details see the full article here.

Please sign, circulate, and share with all your friends on social media.  If you are willing to collect signatures at your local Gurdwara or places of community - get in touch with us!  For those in California, we will be organizing events in support and solidarity. For those writing comments, we do intend to put them together and share with Parminder's family.  Please be mindful and respectful!

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    I dont know if i am too late but i woulď still like to show my support in getting justice for Mr. Shergill and his family. Pls contact me and let me know what ever i can do.
  • Katherine Drennon
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    I hope you find peace and justice.
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    signed 2014-06-21 23:18:36 -0700
    This is not an isolated incident. Too many of the young men who have not been in trouble, have not gone to prison, but have volunteered to serve their country, have returned from active duty with or without mental health issues such as PTSD. Not only may these have gone untreated, but too many of them, especially minorities, have been murdered by trigger-happy cops under suspicious circumstances. Their families and their memories deserve honest investigations, removal of these murderers from our city streets, and other actions to stop these senseless deaths.
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