Jakara Juniors Richmond Hill

Jakara Juniors aimed to teach kids the history of Vaisakhi through story telling of Khande di Pahul, teaching the youth the Sikh identity and the importance of seva, selfless service. We aspire that the kids take this knowledge and history of Sikhi along with the values of vand shakna (sharing) to the world outside the Gurdwara. As a first time facilitator, I found myself learning while helping the kids come to their own conclusions on what physical and spiritual attributes a Sikh embodies, how seva can be incorporated in the outside work and how Guru Gobind Singh Ji taught us the act of humbleness. I was amazed to see how involved the kids would get with the various activities, which were successful in occupying them while learning something as well. Overall, Jakara Juniors proved to be a successful experience. - Gurprit Kaur is a first time Jakara Juniors volunteer

Misl NY/NJ Jakara Juniors 2013

In any faith, the most basic principals mold the foundation of the community that stems from it.  As the older generation, it is our duty to provide a platform of growth for our younger generation. Being in the NY/NJ area, we do our best in providing the youth with weekly kirtan programs, monthly camps, monthly langars, annual gurudwara clean-ups, etc. However, besides gurmat, history, kirtan, and seva, rarely do we ever ask ourselves and even the youth the following: Why do we come to Gurudwara?What’s the importance of Langar?Whats the meaning behind a Hukamnama?What does it mean to matha-taek?Why are we putting money in the Golak?Whats the Nishan SahibWhy do we sit on the floor in the Darbar Hall?What is the meaning of being a Sikh? It’s the answers to questions like these that will make or break our youth. If they don’t know why they come to Gurudwara, forget about talking to them about gurmat, history, kirtan, and seva. If one doesn’t know the basic scientific method, then it is very difficult to do an experiment. Just like that, if a young gursikh doesn’t know why they come to Gurudwara every Sunday, then it would be very difficult for them to understand gurmat. Read more

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