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Misl Sacramento Council


Varinder Singh

"I am honored to be given this opportunity of making a difference. Jakara has given us an excellent platform to reach out to those who need a voice in our community. Through our unity towards resolving personal and societal issues, we can adapt to the new generation of problems our community faces. I am excited to be part of this journey!"





Manpreet Kaurmanpreet2.png

"My name is Manpreet Kaur and I am a senior at NP3 High School. I am in the SHSS (Sikh Honors and Service Society) and I am also a part of Misl Sacramento. I have attended Jakara Junior Camps as a child and have been a facilitator for these camps. Jakaramovement has not only made a difference in the Sikh community but also in the community we all live in. I  am very exited to work with other volunteers and unite the Sikh community."




Karen Kaur


"Serving as one of the council members is a blessing because I am able to put my passion for the youth and Sangat together. I am able to serve the Sangat through what our Guru Ji wanted us as sevadars to do of actively learning some of the principles of Sikhi: fighting hunger (langar), equality in action (seva/sangat), and my favorite; compassion (daya). I hope to engage more youth of the next generation with some of these principles. I absolutely love creating new ways to help the youth in pathways of success by establishing a relationship with schools in our area to help connect Sikh students to Jakara. Jakara has helped me grow in so many incredible ways and I want the youth to create their own experience with Jakara and to encounter another family. I believe very strongly in "the world's biggest power lines in the hands of the youth" and sometimes we just have to give them a push and they start growing to become leaders of our community."



Isherpreet Kaur

ishi.jpg"Our constant work for social justice is the most heart warming, rewarding and outstanding thing I have ever practiced in and I do not want to detach from it, but grow closer and closer. I hope in the future to stay involved on a higher level and am very fortunate to be given the opportunity to start my journey now with becoming secretary. Once I conclude my chapter as secretary, I want to be able to leave that position knowing that I helped with the success we as a movement have made in that year."





Gagan Kaur


"I'm very grateful to be working with the Jakara Movement in building our Sikh community to bemore united. I got involved in Jakara through the Sacha Sauda Meal Sharing and now it's one of my favorite events to organize.I'm very excited about working with the rest of the Misl members and help create more fun events for our community."


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