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How is the hotel situation organized and can I select my roommates?


Jakara Movement has negotiated a special group rate for all rooms reserved for our attendees. Therefore, if you are planning to stay in the hotel please do not try to make your own reservations as your cost will increase exponentially. Along these lines, to ensure that you have reserved a hotel room, it is imperative that you confirm your registration by the May 20th deadline. At the time that you register you will be given the opportunity to request up to three roommates and we will do our best to accommodate your request. This is usually not a problem but if you register after the May 20th deadline then we can not guarantee you will be placed in the room of your choice. The hotel reserved by Lalkaar is the Holiday Inn. It offers the warmest hospitality in the Sacramento area. It includes a refreshing pool, spacious spa and complimentary Wireless Internet. Each room consists of two queen size beds which will be shared amongst four people.

When requesting roommates, please do not request roommates of the opposite sex as this is against Lalkaar policy. If you are uncomfortable about sharing a bed with a stranger we recommend that you come with a friend. In previous years this has not been a problem as Lalkaar attendees are an outgoing group, who are there to have a wonderful experience. However if for some reason there is a problem please contact a member of the Lalkaar staff and we will do what ever we can to remedy the problem.

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