Hiring Jakara Movement's First Community Organizer!

2012 was an amazing year for the Jakara Movement.  We brought on our first employee so that we could institutionalize Sikh youth energy and commitment to the Guru's vision of social justice in our community.  We launched new projects and most significantly the MISL MOVEMENT.  Now we institutionalize those local movements - by getting local.

The Jakara Movement with the Guru’s Nadir (Grace), seva of our volunteers, and the baksh (benediction) of the Sangat is pleased to announce our first Community Organizer position..  We are seeking a Community Organizer to help develop the gambit of Jakara Movement programs and chapters (misls).

For the first of many community organizers positions to come, we are seeking to concentrate our efforts in the heartland of California - the Central Valley.  Though we have a strong presence in Fresno and Sacramento, it is the middle part of that Highway 99 that we seek to engage the youth, connect community, and serve Sangat.  We have huge communities in Livingston, Chowchilla, Turlock, Stockton, Tracy, and Modesto.  

In the best Sikh tradition of usually unnamed local activists like Bhai Manjh, or even American greats of social justice, like Martin Luther King Jr. and Saul Alinsky, we hope the first Jakara Movement community organizer will make a real impact and form Sangat with the local communities they serve.

Check out the description, circle widely, and apply!  

Together, we can do amazing things; together we can inspire and be inspired; together, we are the movement.

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