Are You Still Using Plastic Water Bottles?

Are you still using plastic water bottles?                                                       

A common misconception is that bottled water is healthier for us than tap water. Did you know that tap water is actually more heavily regulated in the United States than bottled water is? The Environmental Protection Agency regulates tap water over 400 times a month; they are mandated under the Clean Water Act to do so. However, privately owned companies like Nestle and PepsiCo, the two corporations that own a majority of the bottled water industry, are not required by the government to meet federal standards.

Why do we need to stop?

Bottled water consumption in the U.S is through the roof; Americans alone use 50 billion plastic water bottles annually. With a recycling rate of only 23%, this means our nation alone wastes 38 billion water bottles a year. The energy we waste using bottled water would be enough to power 190,000 homes. The amount of petroleum used to manufacture plastic bottles for America for just one year is enough to fuel 1.3 million cars for an entire year, 17 million barrels of oil. Along with the tremendous amount of energy and fossil fuel consumption it takes to produce this many plastic bottles, our planet suffers. The 38 billion bottles of water that do not get recycled each year end up in either a landfill or in our oceans. According to National Geographic News, eight million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans each year, harming all forms of wildlife.

Where we spend our money sends a huge message. Let us be mindful of the products we use and where they end up after we are done using them. Invest in a reusable water bottle and avoid using plastic plates, cups, cutlery and straws whenever you can.

Anjum Kaur serves on Misl Council for the Bay Area and also studies Environmental Studies at San Jose State University. 

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  • Pyari Anaya
    commented 2018-02-06 02:14:43 -0800
    Always so interesting to visit your site.What a great info, thank you for sharing. this will help me so much in my learning.
  • Dylan Smith
    commented 2017-10-17 05:27:44 -0700
    Thank you for sharing the post. It’s true that there is a belief tap water is not as good as bottle water. I always try to recycle plastic bottle.
  • Custom writings
    commented 2017-04-19 22:05:19 -0700
    Nice post. This is a great message to people who are using plastics indiscriminately.Plastic is very dreadful and it will perish the earth. get more information from
  • Bert Valentine
    followed this page 2016-11-09 05:12:17 -0800
  • Richard Bowman
    commented 2016-04-04 01:52:46 -0700
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  • Sandra Anderson
    commented 2015-12-15 01:16:18 -0800
    Keep your filtered water far from warmth or daylight. Hot plastic filters chemicals all the more effectively.
    Try not to purchase water that has been on the rack longer than six months. Ask the store to what extent it’s been on the rack. Dust is typically not a decent sign.
    Try not to reuse containers made for single use. They are rearing reason for microbes and will likewise begin to separate rapidly, effortlessly discharging chemicals
    Run with stainless steel or glass at whatever point conceivable.
    Purchase in mass and avoid the individual containers.
    Beverage faucet water. Purchase a home water channel and begin conveying tap in your stainless steel bottle. Spare cash and the planet.

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