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Fun & Games at Sports Day

After the tremendous success of the first Sports Day in Fremont it was time to move down to the South Bay.

We arrived at Fowler Creek Park early at 9 so we could reserve the grass area we needed for our activities. As we finished coning off our area and taking our snacks out, other MISL members started trickling in with and soon parents arrived with their children. The kids were eager to play so we started setting up a soccer field  while they played around amongst themselves. We had two of the youngest participants, a boy and a girl, choose the teams to make it a little more fun instead of having one of the older MISL members deciding. Eventually the teams were decided and we began our game of soccer. We had to add people and take out others because folks started getting tired or we had people showing up a little late.

With participants getting tired we decided to move on to a different game: kickball. Initially we were thinking about doing baseball but decided that kickball would have been something that could get everyone involved. This time we mixed it up and had 2 of the older MISL members choose teams to make it a bit more even. After letting everyone from each team kick we decided to end our Sports Day with a little game of tug of war. After a couple rounds with different teams we had all the kids go against two of the older MISL members. Needless to say the kids won.

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  • Tracy Berge
    commented 2024-01-04 01:54:54 -0800
    Happy Sports Festival, you can play the game online here
  • Janes Hardi
    commented 2023-04-16 11:12:40 -0700
    Las tragaperras con dinero real son una buena manera de darle sabor a tu juego. También recomiendo este sitio para comparar las diferentes opciones.
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