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Understanding What We Say

I would not have the knowledge of my Sikh religion and Sikh history that I have today if it weren’t for the counselors at Jakara. I did not begin learning about Sikh history until I was old enough to fully comprehend the atrocities that occurred in 1984. Just as I was educated about Sikhi through my older sister and my counselors at Lalkaar, I believe it is my responsibility to educate the next generation.

15630574432_dfaea9da8a_z.jpgWhile leading a workshop with 6-7 year olds I heard many of them chanting “A Nation Never Forgets” as they were completing a coloring activity. I interrupted to ask them if they knew what exactly we are referring to when we say “A Nation Never Forgets.” The response I got was a room full of little children staring at me blankly, and a few children shaking their heads. I realized the kids hadn’t made the connection between what they were learning and with the slogan they were chanting. I proceeded to tell them what the statement on their shirts was referring to. I helped them understand that to forget is to give up your opportunity to learn from the powerful history we share because after all, knowledge is power.

15630544312_e946bee95d_z.jpgRemembering one’s history is the first step in expressing one’s agency in making change. Although many of the young children that attended Jakara Juniors could not fully grasp the severity of 1984, they are learning what it means when we say “A Nation Never Forgets, ” and what it is that we will never forget. Rather than blindly repeating a statement, they now have some idea of the concept of 1984. It is our responsibility to educate the next generation of our Sikh history, and the environment that Jakara provides with its kids camps makes it possible for us to reach the youth.

Anjum Kaur is a freshman at San Jose State University studying Environmental Justice. She has been an active volunteer in the Bhujangan and Juniors programs at the Misl Bay level as well as a participant at Lalkaar since 2012.

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