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Friday March 30th

5pm – Arrival at Sacramento
6pm -7:30pm – The Sociology and History of the Gurdwara
7:30pm – Rehraas, Dinner and End of Day

Saturday March 31st

8-9am – Morning Divaan
9-10am – Breakfast
10-10:45am – Travel to Stockton Gurdwara
10:45-12pm - Tour and History of the Early Sikhs - The Radicals Amongst Us
12-2pm – Lunch and Travel (Sacramento)
2-3pm - Creating Kartarpur - how to create local change
3-6pm – Panel Discussion: What I Learned Being on a Gurdwara Committee - Reflections on Good Gurdwara Governance (Sacramento-area Gurdwara committee members answering questions from the Sikh youth)
6pm – Travel back, Rehraas, dinner, and end of day

Sunday April 1st

8-9am – Morning Divaan
9-10am – Breakfast
10-11am - Reclaiming the Gurdwara
11-2pm – Survey at Tracy Nagar Kirtan
3pm – Closing / Departure
5pm - Sacramento - Discussion and Analysis of Data
6pm - Rehraas, dinner, and end of day

Monday April 2nd

7-8am – Morning Divaan
8-9am – Breakfast
9-12pm - Meeting State Legislatures and their Staffs around AB 3179
12-1pm - Lunch/Departure


The readings are difficult, but mandatory.  Struggle through them and do the best that you can.  They will be uploaded here very shortly.

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