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Soojh - Alternative Spring Break


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Soojh (ਸੂਝ): The Gurdwara: Revolution will be Localized

March 30th - April 2nd

While targeted at Sikh students, all collegiate students, of any or no religious background, are invited to apply to be part of this exploration over Spring Break 2018. Soojh is an experience in service, advocacy, learning and spiritual reflection in Sacramento, California, from March 30th- April 2nd, 2018.

This year we will be exploring the purpose, the potential, and history of our most important community institution - the Gurdwara.  There will be pre-readings for all participants to give them background history on the historical development from the dharamsaal to the Gurdwara.  We will be exploring the history of Gurdwaras in the U.S., with a special session at the oldest Gurdwara in the U.S. - Stockton Gurdwara.  We will be organizing a panel discussion, potentially for the first time that brings committee members from many different Gurdwaras together on the issue of Gurgwara governance. The goal is for an in-depth understanding that goes beyond simplistic assertions, to understand this unique institutions current limitations, challenges, and to begin imagining the Gurdwara for the upcoming generations.  For those opting to stay on Monday, we will be organizing a 'lobby day,' where participants will have the opportunity to meet with California Assemblymembers and their staffs on one of the most important bills for the community today.

Registration for the trip will be $60 (inclusive of 2 nights in a shared hotel room) or $80 (inclusive of 3 nights in a shared hotel room) and is open to those ages 18+.

Contact: Deep Singh at (559) 647-4700 | [email protected]

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