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An idea to reality

minnesota_blog.pngThroughout the past two years Misl MN has tested out different ways to reach out to the sangat, gather volunteers and do sewa. One idea that came from our youth Gurshaan Madan was to start a food drive at our Gurdwara. He announced this idea to the sangat, bought a few bins in which the can goods/non-perishable items could be held. After just a year we have already collected 1,017.5lbs of food which has been donated to a nearby food shelf in Bloomington, MN (where our Gurdwara is located). Gurshaan collected food in the end of each week/month. We are SO proud that he brought an idea, executed it on his own (with help from sangat in donations). Shows that any idea (big or small) can make a HUGE difference!

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