What's in store for 2014!

Misl MN is super excited to share what we have in store for 2014! We want to focus this year on Sewa, Sangat, youth and women empowerment. We will be doing this by hosting our first ever Kaur Voices this coming April. We hope to inspire our Kaur sisters to share their talents and spread awareness of equality within our broader Minnesota community. We also plan to throw our 3rd Jakara Juniors camp in June. We feel like we are finally at a point where we can execute, get volunteers and actually have value added conversations with the youth. It’s only going to get better from here! Lastly, we will be facilitating workshops for high schools kids every month. Here we will discuss issues the youth are facing and provide mentors where kids can have a resource to answer questions involving; college, resumes, homework, and much more! This is a glimpse of what we want to accomplish, please join us on our journey!

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