Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Sikhiya: Grad App Service

Applications are out and will soon be due.  Need some assistance? Then here is a service for you!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons You should Use the Jakara Movement's Sikhiya Service:

  1. Save money - there are a number of professional services on the market that provide personal statement assistance and help.  Websites like charge in the thousands of dollars for this type of service.  You're getting it for free!
  2. Expert Help - Get help from other Sikhs that have successfully already gone through the process.  They will edit your writing and share admission tips.
  3. Fast Turnaround - Most drafts are sent back within 48 hours.  Can't get much faster than that!
  4. Confidential - Confidentiality is completely respected.  After you upload your draft, your name and other personal information is removed before being sent to the editors.  All editors also sign confidentiality notes to respect the privacy of you and your writing.
  5. Pay It Forward - The idea of this type of seva works through the principle of 'pay it forward.'  Just as you will be using the service today, the hope is that you will provide this service for another young Sikh in the future.

A number of Sikhs have already taken advantage of the Sikhiya program, part of Jakara Movement’s Sikholars initiative.


Aimed at Sikhs that are pursuing graduate and professional education, the program provides an infrastructure to connect expertise from those that have gone through the process to those brothers and sisters that are about to begin it.  The program has received a grant from Sikh Spirit Foundation and is absolutely free for all.  The program is completely confidential and is aimed to help your success.

Whether you or a friend are pursuing an MA, MSW, MPP, MD, JD, or even  PhD, we urge you to take advantage of this unique program.  For more information, visit the Sikhiya Website.

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