Bhujangan: From Strangers to Sisters

Screen_shot_2013-07-29_at_12.51.00_PM.pngMy name is Harleen Dhillon and this was my first time going to Bhujangan this year. For the four days we were gone I learned a lot from those who I was surrounded by. From the moderators to the youngsters everyone had a great time. The time spent hiking, horseback riding, and swimming was just a plus to this camp. In reality, the older girls were able to connect with the younger girls despite the age gap. We were able to connect through our life experiences and learn from them by sharing.

At the start of the camp many of us were strangers but by the end we came back as sisters. Many girls were able to boost their confidence and confide in others; many of the girls were able to understand they weren't alone. The camp was a chance for many girls to embrace womanhood as young Sikh women. The camp is an opportunity for growth.

Harleen Kaur is entering her senior year in high school and is from Fresno, CA.

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