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SHSS Membership Info

Register for SHSS Membership HERE.


Membership is open to all individuals currently attending high school. To qualify for membership with the Sikh Honors and Service Society this year, you must:

  • Pay annual dues of $15.00
  • Complete 20 hours of community & learning service a year.
    • These 20 hours must be through SHSS or Jakara Movement events.
  • Below you can see the guideline of events each member can complete this year.

Benefits of membership:

  • Membership in a state-wide recognized honors and service society
  • Local activities that provide students with resources and skills of leadership and service.
  • Annual recognition during your membership
    • Students who maintain active membership for both semesters will be recognized annually.
    • Students who maintain an active membership with the Sikh Honor & Service Society will be recognized at an induction ceremony each year and a  special graduation ceremony their senior year
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Leadership opportunities & personal development
    • Make a difference in your community
    • Earn letters of recommendation for college
    • Sikh scholarship opportunities
    • Personal assistance on personal statements and college apps from Sikhs at every major private university, UC & CSU
    • Special graduation sash and privileges for members of SHSS
    • Did we mention you’ll become a part of the largest Sikh youth organization?

Maintaining Membership:
Each year students will re-apply to become members of the Sikh Honors and Service Society. At the end of the year, the Community Organizer will determine which students are qualified members.

Community Service Hours:
If an SHSS chapter is established at your school, then the chapter will have many service events planned throughout the year. The Jakara Movement has a number of misl events planned in each local region; contact your community organizer to find out what events are planned. Social events such as game nights do not count towards your hours requirement.

If a misl does not currently exist in the region then SHSS candidates can help constitute a Jakara Movement Misl.  

Managing Service Hours:

Community Service hours will be tracked by both the students and a Jakara Movement representative. It is the student's responsibility to download the form and bring it to each of the volunteer events to receive appropriate documentation. A signature is required by authorized personnel at the location where volunteer hours are being accrued. In the case that the student fails to bring his/her form he/she must make arrangements with the Community Organizer. The Community Organizer will also keep a log of the volunteer hours. A sign-in & attendance sheet is always available during the event so please always make sure to sign in. At the end of the year, the Community Organizer will notify students of their hours. At any time, the student can send an email to their Jakara Movement representative to check their hours. 

Connect with your local Community Organizer:

209 Region: 

Navroop Kaur: (209) 214-7412 | [email protected] 

Pratimajit Kaur: (209) 650-3334 | [email protected]

Sacramento/Yuba City Region:

Tejpal Singh: (530) 237-3494 | [email protected]

Mandeep Singh: (916) 398-6705 | [email protected]

Fresno Region:

Jaskeet Kaur: (559) 304-5250 | [email protected]

Bay Area Region:

Rakaab Singh: (201) 870-2954 | [email protected]

Bakersfield Region:

Sonia Kaur: (661) 432-8775 | [email protected]