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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Pyari Sadh Sangat ji,

As a descendant of musicians & raagis, my introduction to Sikhi was through keertan. I grew up listening to my parents compose and teach gurbani in various classical raags and light compositions. The three pillars of Sikhi, kirat karo, naam japo, and vand chhako was something I witnessed every day through my parents’ actions. They diligently worked day and night to spread the knowledge of shabad guru to the sangat around them.  

I moved from my birthplace, Thailand, to the Bay Area at the age of twelve. In the beginning, adjusting to the new culture and country was difficult but again, through keertan, I was able to connect with the local sangat. I became more involved, and devoted my time to activities in gurdwaras and youth-led events around the Bay. My compassion and love towards Sikhi grew, and I knew, through my parents’ and sangat’s teachings, that I wanted to serve my people.

This is how I found my position as the new Bay Area community organizer at the Jakara Movement. Jakara has made tremendous successful efforts to uplift the Sikh community, especially the youth. I am grateful to be a part of an organization that is extremely dedicated towards the cultivation of our qaum. The growth of our community is important to me, and I hope to utilize my humble role to empower, and provide resources for the wellness of our society.


In Charhdi Kala,

Ragini Kaur

ragini kaur


Founded in 2000, the Jakara Movement began as a collegiate conference but has evolved into an institution for the recruitment and training of volunteers and a hub for the Sikh youth. With a focus on the interstices of education, health, gender, and social justice, the Jakara Movement inclusively engages large sections of the Sikh youth in various projects to strengthen their identity and consciousness as Sikhs, foster education through service-learning, and inspire activism and volunteerism within the greater Qaum.


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