Parents Just Don't Understand

parents.jpeg"Stop wasting your time!"  

"Always Jakara this and that, what are you even doing?"

"Is Jakara some sort of cult?"

All of these comments and we could probably think of half a dozen more that would use inappropriate language on a blog like this are what we all commonly face.  Sevadars often know their path is lonely and not always met with the enthusiasm from their parents.  Even ridicule from friends and siblings are commonly expressed.

You are not alone.

We all face it, but we remain inspired by the seva, sangat, and the cause.  The Guru's lalkaar (challenge) to us stirs us from our lethargy.  Find a sangat that understands and supports you.

Also be proactive - don't just disappear to do seva, tell your parents about it!  

Sign them up to our monthly newsletter!  Share with them the goals of Bhujangi (our camp for "at-risk" young men) and Bhujangan (our camp aimed at teenage girls); talk to them about the topics discussed at Lalkaar CA and NY; get them to take your younger brothers/sisters/nephews/nieces to our Jakara Juniors camps; bring them to the next Sikholars conference.  You'd be surprised at the difference it makes, once they see the bigger picture and the wonderful seva you are involved in (no guarantees with annoying siblings, though!)

In the meantime, enjoy a similar angst by the very young DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.

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