Nishaan 2015 | Power of Community

16137131440_8dc4432e9a_z.jpgThe Nishaan conference of 2015 was an absolutely unforgettable weekend that helped me to appreciate the true power of our community. The amount of inspiration packed into one weekend was outstanding! I felt such a strong sense of sangat and family. Nishaan gave me the comfort and confidence I needed as a high school senior going into college. I was definitely hesitant and unsure of how my experience would be at this conference. But by the end of a few short days, like every Jakara event, I did not want to leave. Nishaan was beyond fun. I created so many memories that I still reflect on, I made new friends that I get academic advice from, and I developed more confidence to enter college, knowing that I have such inspiring mentors.

16298556276_ebebbdf816_z.jpgIn school we're often told that in order to achieve, we need to take the SAT/ACT, take AP classes and apply for college senior year. We never hear of real life experiences or have any insight into what non-traditional paths to success might look like. Sure, we all plan to be successful at a university, but what do we need to know in order to get there, and thrive? That's where Nishaan stepped in with qualified college-going mentors and amazing role models. I feel as if I speak on behalf of every student, whether one is a freshman or a senior: we know what it takes to make the most of our collegiate careers and we have the resources to aid us in earning a degree.
I cannot wait to be a volunteer next year and help inspire future college students and share my first year college experience with my sangat.

Isherpreet (Ishi) is a senior in high school and an active member of Misl Sacramento. Ishi began participating in Jakara Juniors a number of years ago and has now become a counselor at the same camps.

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