Nishaan 2015 | Memorable weekend

16323334302_ea45b6c539_z.jpgNishaan was an incredible event for me, I learned so much about college and the steps I would need to take to get there. Going there, the idea of college frightened me I did not what to do, in order to get into college, I did not have a plan, I was confused, worried, and just lost. I did not know what I wanted to do after high school. Coming back after the weekend I was calm, motivated, and now had a basic idea of what my plans are for my future and I know knew which steps and what requirements I have to meet in order to get into college. It was a learning experience from every perspective, I got to meet new people, have wonderful discussions, and also met people who were in the same shoes as me, so they were able to relate to me. One thing that really helped was having great16136824718_2b5b1d9658_z.jpg facilitators who were understanding, caring and they answered many question and if they couldn't answer my question they helped me find an answer. They also shared their experiences of how they got to where they were now, and each and every one of them had an interesting story and I was really able to see and make connections to their life stories. Nishaan had so much to offer to me, I met incredible people and made many new friends and had absolutely one of the most memorable weekends of my life, this one weekend changed my perspective, and I am totally grateful for all the people who made this event happen.

Anmol is a junior at James Logan High School in Union City. He is a member of the Sikh Honors and Service Society and Misl Bay Area. 

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