Misl San Antonio: Sahibzadey Remembrance Day

IMG_2038.jpegThe children of Misl San Antonio wanted a creative and interactive way to celebrate Sikh History. So on Saturday January 4, 2014, Misl San Antonio put on this first Sahibzadey Remembrance Day. The sangat got together to remember the teachings and legacy of the Char Sahibzadey. There were over 30 participants aged 3 to 16 and they all came with their own stories of inspiration taken from the lives of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Sons. The morning started with the entire sangat singing "Mata Gujri Kol do Heere" followed by a vivid storytelling of the events and battles that led up to this turbulent moment in history. Tales of Bhai Bachiter Singh, the battle of Chamkaur and bravery of Bhai Sangat Singh ji provided both campers and sevadars the opportunity to reflect on the honor, commitment, and discipline of the Sikhs. To dig deeper into the discipline of the Khalsa, campers pretended to sit on the banks of the Sirsa river and do Nam Simran while knowing that the fate of the faith would be decided in the next few months. After talking about the Vadey Sahibzadey, we turned our attention to the Chotey Sahibzadey. Although they were too young to fight on the battlefield. They showed courage in other ways. The young ages of Guru Gobind Singh's two younger sons aged 7 and 9 really struck the campers because many of them were at the same age.

12184732715_2099195dc1.jpgAmrik Singh, Age 7, said " I got inspired because they sacrificed their lives for their own religion and it was really brave of them to do that." In the afternoon, campers created a commemorative tile with their own inspirational message from Sahibzadey Remembrance Day. Some of the tiles read "Brave Sikhs, Always Believe, Strength, Stand up for what you believe in and Faith & Love." To close out the afternoon, parents and children came together to sing "Mata Gujri Kol Do Heere" once again. Then parents and children decorated cookies together as another way to celebrate this important day in Sikh History.

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