Misl Sacramento | Building Friendships

16176537816_9501bf162c_z.jpgBefore this event I couldn’t remember when was the last time I explored the exquisite beauty of the outdoors. Throughout the couple of hours we spent in the outdoors we did icebreakers, games and group activities. During the time, we were paired to play games and do group activities with people we didn’t know and by the end of the activities we all knew each other well. I love meeting new people, I love making new friends and I think you can never have too many friends. During this time, I created more friendships and it was a blessing to meet these incredible individual people that were apart of Misl Sacramento. I enjoyed meeting some of the kindest, funniest and coolest people.

16201625642_a3016d2b83_z.jpgWhile we were at Peak Adventures, we were challenged to go through rope courses and rock climbing, some of us were great at doing it, while others with the support of their friends broke through the fears and faced their fear of heights. This team building event was a perfect balance of visual and hands on problem solving and creating a better relationship within Misl Sacramento. I loved this event because we as a Misl Sacramento become more of a family and it was great meeting new people and essentially creating more friendships.

Karen Kaur is a senior in high school at Natomas Pathways Prep. She is an active member of Misl Sacramento and the Sikh Honors and Service Society

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