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Misl Councils

The revolution will be localized.  Although it has been part of the Jakara Movement's mission since 2005, we are now putting the pieces together to make a real difference in our local communities.  We are creating a network structure will encompass every major Sikh locale in North America.  It starts here.  It starts now.

We are pleased to announce the development of Jakara Movement Misls. Each misl will have three leadership roles that will help develop, nurture, and create a new generation of Sikh leadership.

The word 'misl' is similar to a 'chapter' and comes from Sikh history.  Before the rise of Ranjit Singh's Sarkar-e Khalsa, the Sikhs formed local misls/groups that were independent, yet came together whenever the community needed.  They were part of the local community and interacted with everyone there, all the while knowing they were part of something larger.

Starting a misl is the first step of creating a new future.  Help us start a new misl in your city and then help us fill the necessary leadership roles.  It starts with you.  Let's start today!

Misl Director Application

Misl Secretary Application

Misl Treasurer Application