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Over the past couple of weekends the Jakara Movement has held one-day workshops from LA to the Bay.  An organization that has been deeply committed to grassroots activism, these workshops served as a space to get passionate individuals talking about how they can make an impact in their local communities.


Participants explored leadership within Sikh history and Gurbani. Inspiration was drawn from the Singh Sabha Lehir and the spirit of the letters of Sukha & Jinda and Rajoana. Socal or Norcal, the Sikh community everywhere is passionate and dedicated; these individuals committed to events and programming to address the community’s most pressing needs. Whether that be providing inclusive spaces for seva within the Gurdwara or creating awareness around issues of domestic violence/sexual assault, each region connected with each about how they will be able to make an impact.. Those of us that had the privilege of interacting with these individuals left inspired, motivated and humbled.

Keep an eye out for a workshop in YOUR city.  Fresno - we're coming your way! For more information – please visit our website.

Is your sangat ready to start a movement? Contact us today – we’ll bring this workshop to you.

If you are from the Bay Area, Los Angeles or Sacramento, please contact us for more information on upcoming events and meetings.

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