We are the ones we have been waiting for

photo_(4).JPG“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” –Alice Walker

From LA to the Bay and now to Central Valley, Fresno Misl held their workshop on February 2nd at Fresno State University. Both new and old face trickled in ready to learn. Through the use of Gurbani and History, participants got the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Letters from Bhai Rajoana, and Sukha and Jinda lit a new candle inside of them, and left them inspired. At the end of the day, participants came up with events they would like to see the Misl put on. Ranging from a Green Gurudwara Project to a Confronting Violence Ending Silence Workshop, events for the year were brainstormed and put on paper. Fresno Misl is excited for their new members, welcome to the family!  Check our website for our upcoming events. 

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