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Sikh History Day


**Important Regional Competition Information:

Congratulations! You have completed your chosen history day project and will be competing in the regionals in your specific region.  The winners of regional competition will be moving onto State Finals at Stanford University on February 17th. The information below will inform you where, when, what time your regional competition is, if you have questions please contact the assigned contact to your region. Best of luck.

Bakersfield: February 10th, 12pm at Sikh Temple of Bakersfield - Gurdwara Wilson 2400 South P Street Bakersfield, CA 93304

Manpreet Kaur: [email protected] 661-578-0626

Greater Fresno Area: February 10th, 2pm at Paaras Youth Center; 5470 W. Spruce Ave. #103 Fresno, CA 93722

Kamaljit Kaur: [email protected] 559-313-4066

Greater Sacramento Area: February 10th, 3pm at West Sacramento Gurdwara Sahib 2301 Evergreen Ave. West Sac., CA 95691

Palvinder Kaur: [email protected] 916-750-5287

Bay Area: February 10th, 12pm, at Fremont Gurdwara Sahib 300 Gurdwara Rd. Fremont, CA 94536

Ramandeep Kaur: [email protected] 818-309-7282

Other Area: Please contact Kamaljit at 559-313-4066 if you don't fit with any of the specific areas above.

Sikh History Day

Sikh History Day is a program that seeks to ignite a spark among students that will push them to research and educate themselves on Sikh topics. We have an extremely rich history that is begging for young scholars to dive head-first into it. We present to you, a series of competitions in the state of California that aim to awaken the scholarly spirit of our future generation. This competition is open to High School students only and it will have a monetary reward. 

There are 3 sections of Sikh History Day and you are allowed to compete in all 3.

  • Exhibit Competition - students will assemble a board/booth/poster for said topic and will cover the topic to the best of their abilities.
  • Speech Competition - students will write and deliver a speech on said topic and will cover the topic to the best of their abilities.
  • Video Competition - students will produce and present a video on said topic and will cover the topic to the best of their abilities. 

This years topic is as follows:

Conflict & Compromise in Sikh History

Students will spend the 2017–2018 school year delving into a topic based on the theme Conflict & Compromise in Sikh History. You will ask questions that lead you down the path of discovery of not just what occurred, but how it occurred and, most important, why it happened and what the consequences were. As you set out to research your topic, you will discover the basic facts first, but then you will need to look deeper. You will go on to examine the factors that contributed to the development of your event, its influence on Sikh history, and the effect it had on the Sikh community, Sikh society, Sikh nation, and the Sikh world. Each year History Day uses a theme to provide a lens to study history. The theme is always broad enough so that you can select topics from any place (local, national, or world history) and any time period. Once you choose your topic, you investigate historical context, historical significance, and the topic’s relationship to the theme by conducting research in libraries, archives, and museums; through oral history interviews; and by visiting historic sites. This year’s theme, Conflict & Compromise in Sikh History, requires you to view history through multiple perspectives. Compromise can sometimes prevent a conflict, but what happens when it does not? If a conflict occurs, how can compromise help to end the conflict? What happens if a failed compromise leads to an even larger conflict? Throughout this academic year, you will need to ask yourself these questions.

The first series of competitions will be regional or local events in which students will compete among their local communities. The regions covered will be: Bakersfield, Fresno, Livingston, Bay Area, and Sacramento. Each Regional competition will have a first place, second place, and third place winner. You will only be allowed to advance to the State Finals if you place at your regional competition. 

At the State Finals, hosted at Stanford University, you will compete for a grand prize.

1st Place: $700

2nd Place: $200

3rd Place: $100

To register for this competition there are a few requirements you must have completed:

1. You MUST be attending a high school as a student of that high school.

2. You MUST be a member of an SHSS at your high school; all dues must be paid!

3. You MUST be present at the competition that your region hosts.

4. Your topic MUST be pre-approved by the Sikh History Day committee before you begin working on your project.

If you have any questions please contact the regional community organizer closest to you!

To register for this competition please click HERE

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