Dhol 101 and Bhagat Puran Singh

photo_3_(2).JPGWe had a wonderful turnout our events this past weekend.  On Friday evening, we hosted a movie night on the life of Bhagat Puran Singh.  While there is renewed interest in this blessed soul, who founded Pingalwara, due to the upcoming release of the new Punjabi film, Eh Janam Tumare Lekhe, we wanted to feature a documentary on his life so people could learn and share about his actual life.  More than 20 people joined us on Friday night, for an evening of family, discussion, community, and even popcorn.  We will be showing another documentary next month on the health system in the United States and hope you will join us.


photo_4_(2).JPGHowever, it wasn't just a movie this weekend.  We kicked off our Dhol 101 series with a terrific audience of boys and girls and learners of all ages!  We have 3 more sessions left in the series.  You can RSVP by clicking here and make sure you join us.  Stay up to date on all of February's Paaras Youth Center events here.  Hope you can join us at your your youth community center.


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