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California Sikh Alumni Fellow

CSAF_-1.pngUniversity Sikh organizations are one of the most important and powerful organizing system for Sikh life. The skills developed this period are of immense importance to not only your individual development, but also key for how we build power and organize as as community. We are seeking those that are passionate about campus Sikh life, have had time to reflect upon their collegiate experience, and believe that there is great potential to organize at the university. 

We are seeking 5 applicants for a one-year fellowship that will include regular meetings, trainings, and working with individual campus communities. Our ideal applicant would have graduated 1-3 years ago, have participated in campus Sikh life, and have reflected on those experiences. This is a paid fellowship with a $2,000 stipend. A fellow can participate in the program for no more than 2 consecutive years. If you have any questions, please contact Manpreet at [email protected] | 661-578-0626.

Click here for application.

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