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You wake up bright and early and help counselors prepare your breakfast. Then go into classes, our classes consist of Sikh History, Gurbani 101, Sikh Philosophy, Gurmukhi, communication, backpacking 101, wilderness survival, kayaking, and much more.  In addition to classes past activities have included boating, horse back riding and hiking.  A more detailed agenda will be posted in the coming weeks.


The counselors come from different backgrounds. On site we will have professional teachers, historians, social workers, military veterans, martial arts instructors. 

As time nears for us to depart to Camp Sierra (an hour east of Fresno in Kings Canyon National Park), we will send a detailed list of gear you will need. A counselor will also follow up with you to ensure you have everything you need. If you are not able to get everything on the gear list, we will try our best to make sure you do! 

Camp Sierra is nestled in a small valley in Sierra National Forest, you have miles of trails, swimming ponds and a small river. Love sports - along with nature and water the campsite is equipped with basketball courts, volleyball nets and a softball field.

You will be sharing a cabin with your Bhujangi brothers. You will have bunk-beds, a restroom and shower. You will be required to keep your area clean and tidy.