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Bhujangi Youth Academy 2012 – REGISTER NOW!

Bhujangi_Jakara___Tshirt.JPGLast year the Jakara Movement held the first ever Bhujangi Youth Academy camp, aimed at young “at-risk” Sikh males, ages 13-17.  It was a HUGE success.  You can see the previous description and reflections write-up from last year.

This year the camp is happening again and we're expecting more bhujangis, more counselors, and a more terrific camp.  We need your help and that of our sevadars and readers to spread the word.

WHEN: July 15-24, 2012
WHERE: Camp Sierra (central California)
WHO TO CALL: For more information, call 1-408-905-7454 (English and Punjabi) 

There will be fun activities such as paintballing, horseback riding, and sports.  There will also be classes to instill a sense of pride in our collective Sikh past, but also an opportunity for reflection, emotional growth, and anger management.

The Jakara Movement is willing to work with all families of any means.  As the deadline is soon approaching, we need your help and encouragement.  Recommend a family member or talk to a friend if they have a young son, nephew, cousin, or brother that may be able to benefit from such an experience.

One of the counselors from last year shared his thoughts in a previous post:

Nine young men from throughout California came together to form ‘a tribe called Bhujangi’.  Themes were centered around Seva, Simran, Sangat, Santokh, and Shaheedi.  On a personal level it was one of the most rewarding Jakara Movement projects in some time.  What makes it so unique is connecting with those children that are not part of the ‘normal’ Punjabi/Khalsa school crowd.  The love these youth developed for each other and for Gurbani was amazing (from the beginning of the camp where counselors would recite Japji Sahib and the Bhujangis would listen, to 10 days later where the Bhujangis could do it completely on their own!).

This is not your “traditional Sikh camp.”  This is geared for those that may have little to no exposure to Sikhi and may have behaviors (anger outbursts, violent tempers, growing disinterest in schools, early experimentation with drugs or alcohol, etc.) that are causes of concern.  Please help advertise this by circulating widely.  Share on Facebook, tweet, and share with a friend/family.

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