Bhujangi: The First Time

Screen_shot_2013-08-01_at_11.03.09_PM.pngBhujangi was a great experience for me, I have done a lot of camps such as bhangra camp but this camp is the best. I met a lot of new people who were from different places and be came strangers to brothers now. Throughout the 10 days we were there, we learned a lot about Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Martial skills, life skills, Gurumukhi and more.

We did Japji Sahib every morning and did Rehras at night. We also played a lot of sports outside and learned about new games that are really fun. We did a lot of activities paintballing, which was really fun; we went hiking for a total of 12 miles, also went kayaking for the first time, and did a lot more amazing activities. Overall this camp was a great experience for me first time and I really learned and enjoyed this bhujangi youth academy camp a lot and am looking forward it for next year. 

Harjot Singh is from Fresno, CA and is entering his sophomore year at Clovis North High School.

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  • Jack Abd Allah
    commented 2013-12-30 23:14:57 -0800
    Thank you

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